ArcheDream’s Inside Out

Inside Out is the latest dance theater production from Philadelphia based theater company, ArcheDream for HUMANKIND. It is the story of a little girl, named Dawei, who falls asleep angry at her father. She awakes in her own dreamland. Facing her fears, anger, indecision, self-pity, and insecurities, the storybook creatures Dawei encounters mirror her own inner conflicts.

Journey with Dawei as she dreams herself inside out and learns to balance her heart and mind. Between childhood and old age, what makes us grownups?

The story of Inside Out teaches us that understanding and self acceptance on the Inside can bring us closer to the people we love on the Outside.

Inside out uses 5 elements of multimedia: Mask and Costume, Lighting, Visual Projections, Music and Choreograpy. This show, more then any other ADHK show, explores the boundries of traditional theater to say something in a new way to the kids and parents of today.

Inside Out originated from the writer’s desire to explore the common experiences that children have and then to use those archetypes to help children understand self-acceptance and love. The archetypes in the show of Inside Out express the emotional reality that so many children encounter on their way to self-conscious adults. Inside Out shows children that the emotions, although sometimes strange and terrifying, they can be surpassed. Talking about these negative emotions using a story such as this, reminds audiences that we all have these emotions like fear, anger, and self-pity to deal with and it’s ok to express them and to talk about them. Communicating these emotions diffuses their overpowering force.

The story of the show is drawn from a personal story between the writer and her troubled relationship with her father as well as the realizations she had to have to let him back into her heart.

In 2010, we traveled to Taiwan for a five week tour of the show. Below is the 5 minute documentary of the tour.