The Guild – USS Intrepid DJ Booth

Together with the Brooklyn Guild, we created this Video Mapped DJ Booth for the first party on board the Aircraft Carrier USS Intrepid in Ten Years. The Party was sponsored by Pandora Radio and Statefarm Insurance. Matt Tarosky designed the concept for the DJ Booth. Peter Brown Oversaw the projects production as Project Manager. Sam was in charge of onsite Installation and I designed the video system, created all the video content and Matt Tarosky and I performed visuals live to accompany DJ Vice on our Video Stage before The Roots performance.

Soundtrack by Hypha

The video system was made of 2x 10k 1080i christie projectors powered by my 12-core macpro running VDMX. We had a midi keyboard hooked up to the machine so each key was setup to light each slate of the booth. This allowed Matt to play the keyboard along with the DJ while I mixed in all the custom media. A totally live, video mapped installation custom built for the event.

Here is an initial concept rendering of the DJ Booth

Big Thanks to everyone at the Brooklyn Guild, as always, for making this event awesome and bringing me back out to NYC to blow up the Air Craft Carrier Intrepid.