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Over the past few years I have worked with my good friend, Ryan Uzi, owner of Light Harvest Studios in Brooklyn on several of his high end installations. From mapping buildings to installing and calibrating full planetariums in cruise ships abroad.

This installation for the Made in NY Media Center, is a permanent installation comprised of 8x projectors and 3x desktop computers running Datatons Watchout. Ryan did all the initial designing of the projection system and I installed all elements of the projection system and built the media server rack.





I also had the good fortune to join Light Harvest Studio on the Norwegian Cruisliner “Breakaway” to install the vidoe system for thier 30ft wide planitarium. Here is a time lapse of Yevgeniy Rokhlin (lead animator and Pandora’s Box programmer) and I mapping the dome.

And here is a snippet of the actual show. All animations by Light Harvest Studio.