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Welcome to the Parkerism VJ Loops Store. Here you can purchase and download original VJ Loops.
All VJ loops are encoded as Photo-JPEG Quicktime video at either 640×480 or 1024×768
Preview the loop packs and purchase them using google checkout.

Twisted Sexy

This loop pack was created with the idea in mind that sexy can still be sexy even if it is twisted.
Most clips in this pack are 1024×768 resolution

Ambient #1

After creating psychedelic VJ content for years I have been enjoying the subtleties and simple compositions of more chilled out, ambient visuals. Most of these loops were created for my VJ set at Boom Festival in 2010. Working with San Fransisco artist Andrew Jones, inspired a lot of my black and white compositions which rely heavily on mandala themes and layered elements.

Psychedelic #1

And now for the good stuff. These loops were created using video feedback that has been reprocessed in After Effects. The result is smooth and organic visuals that cannot be replicated through digital synthesis.

Psychedelic #2

Psychedelic #3

This loop pack was created for the Gaian Mind Festival. I truly enjoyed the several years I worked and experienced the Gaian Mind Festival and these visuals will always remind me of that special place deep in the woods.

Psychedelic #4

I wanted to create a set of visuals that would give the illusion of being inside a kaleidoscope. After a few long weekends in the studio, this set of visuals brought to life my kaleidoscopic vision of psychedelic video.